JetPack to The Moon

While The Legendary JetPack V2 is in review with glow and reactor like Tony Stark teach me, I plan to make a common and uncommon one. I will use one for TheTellowMask logo in front and back and another one for community who wants it.

More info soon…

Mental Health

It is very important for me to not go to hospital this year. I am pretty sure I will find ressources in the Metaverse to manage it. I’m connected to it. It’s can be such a good place for crazy people ! It’s time to open the door of psychiatry. You’ll see we are fun most of the time 🙂

More info soon…


Pope Year 1000
The Pope who loves Islam year 1000. A mathematician, artist and philosophe who bring the number 0 to Occident. I have plan for him in the metaverse. I want people agree he’s Prophet 0 in The Metaverse. So no religion fight in Metaverse, Abraham family is united.

More info soon…


Sourate 108 Al-kawthar
Nice Theory by Peter Diamandis
Good direction for the Metaverse economy I think.
Anyway good direction for humanity by the way. It will take some dozen of years but it’s not impossible. More easy then live on March.

More info soon…

A JetPack with your logo for a 1000 or 10K collection : 333 mana