Scoop And Artivism Metaverse

Scoop and Artivism

So here is a first article from my native language and a translation DeepL.
I hope it will be easier to understand for you, certainly easier to write for me. See how it’s used.

In my previous post, I announced a scoop: here it is, the first anti-capitalist demonstration took place in the Metaverse. It is the work of artist Badi Badalov and the Superflus collective. Some of you may know about it, but none of the Decentralanders I follow mentioned it on Twitter. It must be said that the target was, to say the least, badly chosen.

The claim made is this:
“According to Superflus, the metaverse should be “ideally free and separate from the oppressive structures of our own daily lives” avoid the established pattern in the real world. “This protest aims to criticize the use of a decentralized metaverse by corporate actors who colonize this space,” the organization tackles.”

OK, but in that case, why choose Decentraland when companies are setting up shop in SandBox every day. Worse, why target Samsung which mounts a one-off commercial operation on the grounds of a private player (Mister X) in the game?
It looks like a joke from Decentraland, next time be more serious and do a happening at JPMorgan lands, it will make more sense.
Maybe I will come.

At Mister X : you should try with Apple next time, there are much cooler for many anti-capitalist people. Also if you want to make money with some plots, build the olympic piscine with fish and shark. I will be happy to make my aerobic at yours with my VR set.

People, whether you like it or not the metaverse is going to make more and more money. It’s also going to become more and more political, far beyond the CAD votes. I’m interested in that. I want to play and spread my ideas. I am open and tolerant, a little conservative sometimes but I usually consider that all ideas have the right to be expressed. Anyways, I have some personnal limits. I set one right now to illustrate. I saw one on the market-place this new wahhabite wearable. Why not. I understand that the princes of Arabia can make people dream so it’s fun. No problem with that but I would not like to see a burqa wearable in the Market Place after that.

No Burqa In Metaverse, Please

Why ? Because Burqa is a symbol of oppression for so Women in the World. It’s the cancer of Islam and I see it repands everywhere in France or Morrocco. It’s a bit my problem cause my daughter and I are a bit Muslim. In fact, Islamist, whahhabist and other extremists, I warn you and recommend you to not create the Burqa Wearable.

What would I do if that happens?
I will do artivism without glitter, not like Badi Badalov. I will drop a bomb in the Metaverse publishing a special wearable.
I will do what no one has done before even not the Holy Hole Team !
I will publish a 3D representation of the prophet, it will be a common wearable at 0.1 Mana with a Christ accessory around the neck.
Of course, as I wrote this, it will be the responsability of the team who had published the Burqa Wearable who will force me to make it for react.

I hope that this will not happen and that we will live together in good harmony in the Metaverse
even with extremist.

EDIT some hours after publishing this post new collections have been approoved by Decentraland Committee.

Fuck, I’m late. At Cryptohashrev (the creator) what are you looking for whith your wearable collection ???
Do you want me to make the Prophet with a String or a Christ ?
I will think about little brain, let’s play !
Go to Hell.

EDIT 2 some hours Later Again

I didn’t thought that things can go so fast but that is how it goes in the Metaverse !
Here we are ! I am not hurry to make the 3D representation of The Prophet. No, really not. I prefer live without Fatwa on my head.
But if it’s need, if things go wrong, why not ?
My first response is here, I bought one and wear the Hijab with the life-gard Pamela wearable. Kiss to all.

Also, I must inform people that Gerbert is know officialy Prophet 0. He is the gardian of the Abraham family in the Metaverse. Make your opinion about him, the pope year 1000 who love Islam, music and Mathematics !!!
He can do the job : bring peace to religion, in Metaverse at least.

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