Hello MetaVerse !

This is my first Post. I will sometimes us DeepL Translation but this post is fun. I have new wearables and some Mana on my account :). 26 exactly, it’s good moment to make money at Casino.
I have discover that Roulette from DG Games turn Red more often than turn black. It’s a must know if you like win money and I’m gonna show you tonight to celebrate the launch of my website and my new wearable !!!

Let’s Play Red to Roulette.
25 Mana to begin
Then 25 again, then a last time and Stop. Boom 100 Mana in the pocket. It’s possible. Yeah baby, I already made a serie like that. Let’s go !!!

Edit : GN
No lambo for me tonight, due to Polygon network congestion I can’t play Red so I won’t win the Lambo Tonight. Not so bad.
See you tomorrow, french newspaper give me a scoop about Decentraland that most of you ignore. True. Stay tuned !

Also, remember people that as I am part of the officials LifeGuards in Decentraland, I have the ability to make your swimming pool a safe place. Thing about, don’t wait after the accident it’s always too late. Kiss

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