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My NFT JunglE

About The Yellow Mask

This blog is built by LF3,
a French Decentraland Citizen

It will talk about life, metaverse, NFT, future, present and past.
The YellowMask is a filter more than a mask.
100 % Transparency, 0% Privacy
Wear it if you’re ready, it’s free.


Services TheYellowMask.xyz

I offer my web and 3d skills to project I like, feel free to contact me if you need website, wearable or building for Decentraland.

I also think and write. This is one of my first hobbie since 2012. Religion, illness, biotech, politics, BigData, Transhumanism I have an idea about everything I’m interested by.
I also like to learn from others to change my ideas if theirs are better.

I am here to stay for eternity maybe.
I want this website become a testimonial of this crazy NFT / Metaverse World.

A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having.

The NFT Team

3 Jpegs to impact the Metaverse

PFC #1683 aka GUMP

People don’t know but the son of Forrest Gump learn his dad how to play base-ball. Yeah, he learn to turn and stop at third base sometimes !
His swing is good also and he’s able to touch marble before ball touch ground.

He’s a member of th PFC club, but he can’t speak about it. That the first rule of the club.

LLC #1542 aka Looping

Looping is expert in Psychiatry and has just retire from trading NFT. He tooks all his loss and have enough to live for eternity in Metaverse without selling himself just doing what he likes the best he can.

He’s a member of the LLC club, a new club coming to DCL with a NFT Colection by Joel Best.

Astromojis #11 aka Myriam

Myriam is much more crazy than Looping. She is mystic. She true believes in God everywhere. She worries about nothing except smiling.
She’s also high level in botanics and medical cannabis.

She’s a member of the Astromojis, a new NFT project around Mental-Health

People should not be afraid of their governments.
Governments should be afraid of their people.